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Devilish Smirk Provides a Unique Journey

Your journey’s dependent on the order you ingest my stories coupled with how well you know me in real life and chances are, you don’t. Devilish Smirk is one hell of a way to get to know me.

My circle of friends is smaller than one of Trump’s hands, but bigger than both ears on Jeff Sessions.


Devilish Smirk is a maze of word trails, peppered with pieces to a puzzle (without borders) framing the life I’ve lived.

I began writing when I realized all my pieces were out of place, and none of them had straight edges.

It was both liberating and frightening at the same time.

A few things you should know about Devilish Smirk

Travis Garrod, Devilish Smirk
Words are all any of us have. They matter.

The Little Engine That Did!

Being a writer requires an unwavering commitment to telling stories – your own, and others. There’s nothing easy about figuring out life, much less anything worth writing, but something changes after you start.

Writing enabled me to discover who I am at my core. Nobody can know you until you know yourself.

Avoid and ignore anyone who thinks they do. Those people are the most dangerous threat against our ability to coexist productively.

The ship sailed and sunk, but the train only left the station a minute ago and it’s not scheduled to stop.

I don’t know how I feel about that.

Without purpose, you have no business affecting the lives of others. Those who truly love you, will do so unconditionally.

Words matter more than ever.

Keep yours to yourself if you’re a habitual liar. Not everything stays locked in a closet.

Is that milk on the floor? Are those tears in your eyes?

When someone has no idea what others have been through (or only know a fraction of the details), that’s a great time to listen with an open mind, consider the possibilities, and think.

Like money, words don’t grow on trees. However, words form branches. Branches only go so far as they grow. Every branch sprouts from the same tree, and a single tree has many roots.

Sorry seedling. For whatever reason, you’re here. It’s up to you to figure out how organic or inorganic you are.

Nothing – and I mean nothing – in this country is what it seems. The sooner you start questioning what you believe to be true, the better off you’ll be.

Be best better!

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Inspiration is everything!


The sad part about hobbies is only a lucky few parlay their passion to career status. For the rest of us, a hobby remains…a hobby. And one we barely do, if ever.

We carry on in whatever existence we allow to continue. We cushion ourselves safely within acceptable amounts of negativity, fueling hatred of the current situation instead of creating a situation to love.

It’s only a viscous cycle until things go haywire and a downward spiral isn’t anything anyone wants to deal with.

Photo Credit: Travis Garrod

The great part about hobbies is they make you happy and they inspire us to be better – to improve. There’s a fantastic satisfaction in creating something even if it’s a complete mess.

Photo Credit: Travis Garrod

Dive into a hobby.

Keep a notebook by your side.

You might be pleasantly surprised when something ignites.

Photo Credit: Travis Garrod
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Inspiring creativity!


It took 15 years of business ownership, a year of of torment, and two more gaining perspective – in the desert – for me to finally walk into an art store.

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I’m currently testing a new business idea simply inspired by spreading love, positive expressions, smiles, and impactful memories.

So far, so good! I’m even more excited after the feedback I’ve received! I’m working diligently toward a goal, at which time I will share more information.

Photo Credit: Travis Garrod

Stay tuned! Now, go color!

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