All Paths Lead to Purpose


Your Only Pioneer is You

We’re all pioneers of our own unchartered path. We stumble, trip, fall, crawl, bitch and argue our way through life’s present conditions every day.

Your Path Leads to Purpose

It feels good to think you have purpose, but believing it is entirely different. Purpose resides within you, and it’s something you discover about yourself. 

It’s in your DNA.

Finders Keepers

Generally, we have ideas of what we want and where we’re headed, but it’s not always clear how we’ll get there.

All the while, we’re distracted by self induced crises and every other obstacle we can’t control. It’s up to you to know the difference. Detours are inevitable – a lot of them – and it’s easy to get lost.

Everyone gets lost.

It’s not a matter of if, but when. It’s going to happen – if it hasn’t already – and when it does, you need to do the finding. Nobody else can do that for you.

Others may support you, but that’s the extent of what anyone can offer.

You’re not their project, and they aren’t yours. Care about others and worry about yourself.

Your life is your project.

Find and Be Keeper

Find purpose, or purpose will find you.

It’s impossible to see what you don’t believe.

Lost yet? I know I am.

Welcome to the Land of Confusion, Illusion, Delusion, Seclusion!

What’s your poison?

This is a test. This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. This is only a test.

Every American has the ability to admit this simple truth: Americans are spoiled. Yes, we’re spoiled. We’re all spoiled in similar and different ways.

It’s impossible to see what you don’t believe.

Life is One Hell of a Gift

Life is an adventure worth remembering and there’s a lot to miss. Pay attention to everything around you and notice the pieces to your puzzle, hidden in plain sight, every day.

A word of caution: The sadistic side of life constantly delivers blows of sadness, anger, pain (and others) that have the ability to break you, but only if you let them.

Life is an opportunity of a lifetime full of once in a lifetime opportunities.

Be a Pathfinder

Remember the past, live in the present, and don’t be future blind. Envision your future. Dream about your future. Imagine your potential.

Remember to watch your step. Keep your head up and your mouth closed. Look ahead with your eyes open.

Be aware of your surroundings. Listen carefully to others. Think before you speak. Listen to what you’re saying. Recognize opportunities. Know your options. Make decisions. Die another day.

Eat healthier. Drink less. Clean house. Cancel cable. Get your face out of your phone. Do laundry. Sleep more. Try to get exercise. Meditate. Stop thinking about your ex. Travel more. Meet people. Make new friends. Have more sex. Don’t procrastinate.

Oh shit, forget that last list of garbage. Those are notes to myself.

Be a Trailblazer

All of us have the ability to inspire others. Inspiration is powerful. We see, hear, touch, taste and feel inspiration in whatever passions we pursue.

If you’re capable (and you are) of leading by example, then lead by example. You never know whose life you’ll touch.

Be Proactive

Nothing you want ever falls into your lap. Winning the lottery sounds great, but it’s a dangerous plot twist when you’re unprepared for the curveballs that follow.

Failure is a motivating teacher. Be brave, everything will be okay. You’ll never truly know what winning feels like until you know what it feels like to lose.

People who inspire others experience volatility, turmoil and failure. Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is inevitable.

Explore the paths of most resistance, but make good choices. This requires bold decisions, and bold decisions involve risk.

Learn to be spontaneous. Quick decisions aren’t always comfortable, but can be the pivot that inevitably changes your life.

Create a Wake

Life isn’t an accident; life happens on purpose. Some people cause a wake, and others leave an unsettled aftermath.

Baby Steps

We crawl before walking, and walk before running. We leave tracks connecting where we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re from.

Everyone has experience worth sharing. Some won’t, and others will, but nobody can walk a mile in someone else’s shoes until completing a marathon in their own.

It’s impossible to see what you don’t believe.

Find purpose, or purpose will find you.

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6 thoughts on “All Paths Lead to Purpose”

  1. A lot of good thoughts and advice.

    Intent coming from a place of self awareness, and “letting the chips fall where they may” because you are “doing you” is a great place to be.

    Keep doing you.

    1. Ron! Thank you for reading this one! You’re absolutely right and you nailed it succinctly. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement. I’ll keep doing me if you keep doing you! ~Travis

  2. Love it again! Being aware, making mistakes, failure, and inspiration. We learn from each other, it’s a gift to be unwrapped every damn day!

  3. Another wonderful teaching.
    My favorite line :
    “It’s impossible to see what you don’t believe.“
    So true. We all need to be open minded to what life has to offer.
    Without failures and disappointments We can never experience true happiness.
    Thank you for your devilish smirk. It puts a smile on my face!

    1. Thank you Andre! I’m glad you found your way to Devilish Smirk. If you keep smiling, I’ll keep smirking. 😉 Or something like that. I don’t know. Thank you for reading! ~Travis

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