Advice from my 20-some self


I’ve often thought – if I had the opportunity – what advice would I give my younger self? But, what’s the point? Sure, there are a few tips he could have used like start working out earlier or eat healthy. However, as for life-specifics, any spoilers would have sent him on a different path.

I managed without it and I’ve ended up where I am – wherever that is and wherever I’m going. It hasn’t been, nor continues to be, easy.

That’s why I’m more interested in what he would say to me.

He was far more optimistic than I am today.

Travis Garrod
Travis Garrod

We all remember that 20-some self of ours. What would they tell us? Probably something that would make us roll our eyes. We’d respond in our ‘if you only knew’ way as if they don’t understand life.

Travis Garrod

But, perhaps they did. In fact, I know they did. They understood the aspects of life when things didn’t appear so complicated. The aspect we’d eventually forget. That ‘simpler time’ we sometimes catch glimpses of in our rearview mirror where objects don’t appear closer than they are.

So, what would they tell us? If they shouted it loud enough, what would that echo sound like?

Would you listen to what they have to say? Could they help remember what’s important in life and be happier, in general?

I think so.

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