Memories of the impactful kind


A Very Special Experience

The thing I like most about art is that it’s personal. To create something completely unique is incredibly satisfying, but also takes time.

When I started writing, I thought of it as therapy – a creative outlet to help me organize my thoughts.

2015 – Explore

At first, it was incredibly difficult to simply write. I felt like a slow track athlete tripping over every hurdle. Eventually, I tapped into a few life experiences and I discovered an ability to relate to people through words.

2016 – Reflect

Politics are frustrating, but there’s something extra frustrating about American politics. Everything is politicized. At the onset of 2016, I was convinced nothing could be taken at face value.

I made the most of my time off and immersed myself in learning as much about world history as possible. There had to be a reason the most powerful country in the world was more bipolar than ever. It’s silly and, quite frankly, obvious there were – and still are – lessons to learn.

2017 – Do

I began It’s not just an art piece anyone could do if they had the time. It’s the experience.


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