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Behind the Smirk

“Writing with honesty, personal attachment, and emotion is my small contribution to a larger effort to motivate people and bring them together.” – Travis Garrod, founder of Devilish Smirk

Travis Garrod, the man behind the smirk.

1997 – 1998: The Graduate

Travis attended the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication for Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations.

Travis worked for a small marketing company in Milwaukee. He wrote articles featured in various corporate publications for Northwestern Mutual Life.

Travis was solely responsible for Entrepreneur’s Edge; a publication geared toward self-employed insurance agents across the United States focused on five business areas: Sales & Marketing, Financial Management, Planning & Organization, Human Resources, and Professional & Personal Growth.

1999 – 2014: The Entrepreneur

Travis co-founded and was the Vice President of Operations for et alia, a premier SAP partner focused on developing, selling, and implementing CREW, the SAP solution for construction and general contractors.

Travis managed Human Resources, Finance, Internal IT, Marketing, Administration, and Customer Support.

SAP had mixed feelings about CREW. On one hand, SAP needed CREW and all of the custom development built by et alia. On the other hand, SAP didn’t want to rely on et alia and (for reasons I’ll get into when the time is right) SAP wouldn’t couldn’t purchase et alia directly.

That’s when things became interesting.

2014 – 2015: The Employee

In 2014, we sold the company. I spent a year as a director of a support and training department of the acquiring company. Then, this happened.

2015 – Present: The Devilish Smirk

I take my responsibility to write something worth reading very serious. Sometimes it’s meaningful.

Let’s come together, encourage communication, and restore faith in humanity.


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