What are the real issues in America?


When considering if even a fraction of what I see or read anymore is an accurate reflection of America’s mindset, my heart sinks. Fake or not, the stories are ugly and the comments are uglier.

If you’re online, you’re in a vivarium. This is a test. If you cannot see the answer by now, try opening your eyes, ears, heart, and mind a tiny bit.

Life gets infinitely better if you don’t make people miserable. I promise!

If you want to be on the right side of history, you better side with humanity

Bullying – kids and adults – is very real in America. It’s kind of amazing we don’t bomb our own country. Or have we?

I don’t know what happens to people that makes them terrible adults. We all have our shit to deal with. All I ask is that you not be part of anyone’s pile.

We, as humans, should embrace and encourage a free and fair world as if it’s our collective purpose. Well, guess what? That is our collective purpose!

Empathy enables us to unite in powerful ways

Painful truths about pain are: nobody’s immune to it, and it has a purpose. You can’t walk a mile in someone’s shoes until you walk a marathon in your own.

Painful events that remind us life isn’t fair can be our most valuable life lessons. Those events help us prioritize what’s important to us, and can often bring clarity.

Can you relate?

Communication is the heart of humanity. Bring that to every table. It’s how we learn about, understand, and relate to each other.

We all have a lot more in common than we think. It just takes a little effort and a few questions. It pains me when people summarily ignore entire groups – be it age, scene, politics, race, religion, whatever – all because they’re uncomfortable. Poor things.

Learn to cope with being uncomfortable

It shouldn’t be that hard. We were all twelve at some point. Americans could stand to be a little more selfless. There are – believe it or not – actual, real problems in the world. Surprise!

A global logic problem

I grew up in Alaska during the culmination of the Cold War. I was born a month after President Nixon resigned. By the time I graduated high school, the Berlin Wall was mostly dismantled, and the Soviet Union had collapsed.

Later that year, I began my college experience. Bright-eyed and full of hope, my generation was ready to change the world.

Optimism sure is cute until years become decades

Good morning, America! In today’s news, distraction is the main attraction. Now, for our top story, “Politics prove the human capacity for hypocrisy.”

Fasten your seat belt, I just did a couple shots.

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump. War. Terror. Money. Shovel ready. Oops, just kidding. Fraud. Secret Access Program. I’m with her. Pocahontas. Pussy. Nothing holds a country together like a small handful of pussy.

America is finally united!

Welcome to the United State of Disbelief!

The American Dream halted construction and the crews were sent home. News, news, words, news, fake news, satire, words, words, Twitter.

Where did the internet come from, anyway? Facebook sure came out of nowhere. How about The Google? What does SAP even do? 

But we don’t care about government and business in the U.S. We like to tear each other down and make everyone miserable – for no reason whatsoever!

Why are you so intolerant of my free speech?

People can develop their most hateful opinions about issues that don’t affect them.

Oops, another shot.

If you don’t like the blue giraffe, simply leave him alone. He’s not from this country, but that doesn’t mean he can’t live here.

Wait, what? Oh, shit. I’m sorry. She? I thought she looked like a dyke. I just saw her in the mens’ room! I hate blue trans giraffes. Rape! If I had a daughter that would have been gross. Only men should be in there.

Giraffes belong in a zoo – along with all the other faggot species! I could have killed it if this liberal fuck town allowed open carry and I owned a gun. Guns!

By the way, there’s an awesome glory hole in the stall with the broken door. You’ll see these shoes I’m wearing tapping the floor! See you soon, buddy.

I almost changed my mind about abortion. Then I forgot that I want to watch the little monster grow up and have no parents! Well?

Who’s that freak in front of him? Is that the other mommy or dad or whatever? I can’t tell if that’s a giraffe’s cock or a baby giraffe falling out. Freaks.

Healthcare is for healthy people! And by healthy, I mean white. You’re a racist if you want me to pay for your shit!

The thing is not worth educating. I’m not even educated. Why educate terrorists? ISIS! All lives matter. Except that trans blue giraffe. Deport that fucker.

These are seriously arguments people have in America?

No wonder we’re being punished. We’ve all been a dick to someone, somewhere, sometime, and maybe recently.

Someone has to stop being a dick, and it might as well be you. Your days of being a dick are over. Oh, relax, you homophobic pieces of trash! I said stop being one, not stop sucking them!


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A Man Walks into a Restroom…


He used it and left. Nobody thought about whether he had a penis or vagina.

Nobody cared.


Restrooms are no less safe than they’ve always been. 

A woman walks into a restroom. Only the middle stall was available. She ate Taco Bell for lunch. She offered a courtesy flush as she let go. A bashful gal, she waited until everyone left before exiting the stall.

The “bathroom bills” are distractions intended to cause fear and division to support broader LGBT discrimination.

A man walks into a restroom. He has to piss, but there aren’t dividers between urinals. Self conscious, he uses a stall. He didn’t wash his hands before leaving.

This isn’t about restrooms. Trans men are men. Trans women are women. These laws, if followed, will create the problem that didn’t exist in the first place – co-ed restrooms.

Born female, these transgender men would use the women's restroom. Photo source: Occupy Democrats Facebook
Born female, these transgender men would use the women’s restroom. Photo source: Occupy Democrats Facebook

Three girlfriends walk into a restroom. One fixes her hair. One freshens her face. One takes a selfie for Instagram. They criticize themselves and compliment each other until everyone believes they look cute. The restroom selfie had 15 ‘likes’ before rejoining their group.

Lawmakers claim it’s a ‘safety issue’ and, without these laws, restrooms – especially for women and young girls – are dangerous places where anyone can enter regardless of gender. 

As if laws don’t exist for public misconduct, lewd behavior, and sex crimes – even in restrooms.


A father carries his toddler daughter into a restaurant restroom. She’s sipping water like a bottomless margarita. Simultaneously, another man enters. It’s a small restroom with two toilets. He tells the father he’ll wait outside until they finish.

It’s an election year and it’s time to divide voters. Certain lawmakers add fuel to a smoldering fire by attaching a non-issue to anti-LGBT legislation in order to stoke emotions, cause confusion, and manipulate voters. 

A restroom attendant walks into a nightclub men’s room to prepare for his shift. He organizes the gum, mints, cologne, candy, cigarettes, tissues, and towels. He works for tips and remembers who takes care of him. He ignores the fact they don’t use the toilets after locking their stall.

Restroom scandals aren’t new. In the news, they usually involve the men’s room and undercover cops.

A homeless veteran walks into a restroom. He’s looking for a sink with running water. As he washes his face, he’s unaware people are more concerned he’s dangerous than he doesn’t have a home.

Restrooms are no less safe than they’ve always been. 

A mother escorts her son, age 10, to a restroom. He enters on his own and she waits outside. Three men exit as she waits. He emerges unscathed. He always has. Even still, she accompanies him to public restrooms without exception.

Unabashed Hypocrisy

Former Idaho State Senator Larry Craig. Photo Source: Wikipedia
Former Idaho State Senator Larry Craig. Photo Source: Wikipedia

Throughout history, anti-LGBT supporters have ruined their careers and families when their dirty little secrets involving their own sexuality emerge publicly.

Are their actions overcompensating self-hatred and their personal affinity for same-sex shenanigans?

Personally, I don’t care. It takes a big man to hurt others because they’re secretly miserable.

Here are names of some anti-gay hypocrites. Feel free to look them up if you’re interested in the extent of their hypocrisy and, in some cases, crime(s).

Dennis Hassert – Former U.S. Speaker of the House
Larry Craig – Former Idaho State Senator
Troy King – Former Alabama Attorney General
George Rekers – Co-Founder of the Family Research Council
Richard Curtis – Former Washington State Representative
Glenn Murphy Jr. – Former President of the Young Republican National Federation
David Dreider – Former California Congressman
Bruce Barclay – Former County Commissioner, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Roy Ashburn – Former California State Senator
Ed Schrock – Former Virginia Congressman
Bob Allen – Former Florida State Representative
Phillip Hinkle – Former Indiana State Representative
Roberto Arango – Former Puerto Rico Senator
Randy Boehning – Former North Dakota State Representative
Matthew Makela – Pastor in Michigan
Ted Haggard – Evangelical Pastor in Colorado
Steve Wiles – Candidate for State Senator of North Carolina


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