Coming Together Feels Better


Existence is Confusing

It wasn’t until my existence was picked up, kicked across the country, shaken, spun around, cattle prodded, and left sitting in the desert that I finally took life serious enough to consult a Magic 8-Ball.

When asked if I had purpose it replied, “Yes, definitely.”

Then, I got bold and asked if everyone had purpose.

It said, “That’s not your business. I said you have purpose. Go find it. Don’t worry about what anyone else has, does, or doesn’t do. In fact, don’t ask me any more questions. Give me to someone else.”

All that in an 8-Ball! Who knew? 

Puzzled Minds Think Alike

The most impactful life lessons I’ve learned are from personal experience. I can tell stories all day about my experiences, but that’s all they are. They’re stories!

If my words resonate with you, that’s amazing because I love connecting with people. For some reason, I’m in a situation where I’m able to explore the world through the eyes of a writer, and do it fearlessly.

That hasn’t always been the case, and the world has proven to be a strange place. I’ve witnessed some unbelievably nutty things over the years and it would be selfish of me to not share any with you.

I’ve tasted freedom and it’s delicious. It’s not easy to put on the table, but I love it and I have nothing to lose.

Your Mind, Your Business

The human mind is terribly complex.

Your mind absorbs (and stores) details of everything you encounter within your lifetime, even things you don’t remember.

Our minds create dreams while we sleep, even dreams we don’t remember.

Your mind is capable of imagination, including everything you left unimagined.

Our minds are not horribly difficult to use; yet we have an uncanny ability to complicate the simplest things.

Existence is Complicated

I expect complication. Something about complication feels normal. When a situation lacks complication I notice it’s missing, and become skeptical.

I hate being skeptical.

We have unlimited access to bad info every waking hour and we’re skeptical much of the time. Optimism is endangered because anything good just doesn’t feel right. When did feeling good become wrong?

Actually, it didn’t. Not officially.

Have a seat and see for yourself.

Your Table is Ready

Life is an incessant game of poker and it’s boring if you don’t pay attention. There’s always a spot reserved for you – and only you – for life.

How we behave, interact, and communicate with each other is a culmination of whatever cards life hands us on a daily basis.

You won’t win without trying and you have to play anyway.

Learn through observation and improve through experience.

At minimum, poker is entertaining, but can be insanely fun with the right people.

Luck can strike at any time and change your life.

With a good poker face, a losing hand can win almost any game.

Keep your head in the game.

Currency is mental and it’s amazing what your mind can afford.

Coloring by Travis Garrod; Devilish Smirk

The Best is Yet to Come

Bring yourself to the table so we can be better, together. Small changes will evolve your world before you know it.

Smile more. Welcome new people and show interest in others. Put forth an effort to show that you care. Make others smile.

Show respect and be your authentic self.

If you can’t do that, at least stop being a dick to people.

Devilish Smirk; Travis Garrod

Your days of being a dick, for no reason, are over. Someone has to stop being a dick, and it might as well be you.

If you want to feel better, come together.

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