The Art of Confidential Classified Communication


I Saw the Sign

And it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign. If you sang that in your head, I like you already – if you’re likable.

What you’re about read will be confusing, but that’s nothing new. Just go with it. In the end, it’s crystal clear.

After five years of whatever the last five years were, confusion, illusion, delusion and seclusion is my dress code. By now, everyone in this country should have at least an Associate’s degree in Confusing Confusion.

The world is a dangerously different place. Shockingly different. The good news is, learning is fun again.

Artificial, meet Intelligence

Knowledge is power, and the truth is the cherry on top, and it keeps getting bigger. It’s no joke, the truth can never be buried. It simply won’t. Refresh your memory.

Life doesn’t work like that. Yours might; mine doesn’t. No judgment, that’s not my job, thank God.

As a kid, I lied about a lot because I was massively insecure, but I’m a terrible liar. It’s just not in my nature. There are so many ways to lie, and lies are hard to keep straight; it’s simply not worth it.

Ask me if I’m gay, and watch me say no.

Most people outgrow lying by the time they care about people. That means a lot of people in this country don’t tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Where’s Fergie when you need her? Late again. I’ll fill in. Don’t lie.

It’s even harder to discover the truth, and it takes time. A lot of damn time. But, it’s worth every minute.

You never know when you're in the ring for the fight of your life.

Lies lead to truth, the truth is a fuse, and follow it as far back as it goes. Don’t light a fuse that isn’t yours. That’s a lesson everyone has to learn on their own.

Sometimes they lead back all the way to The Bible.

Lord knows, we’ve had a lot of time on your hands.

Let’s See How Far We’ve Come

Generally speaking, republicans do one thing far superior to democrats. Republicans will rally behind their candidate, even after duking it out as opponents. If they can’t, they leave the party and the party dwindles to death.

Eventually, enough will leave the party. Trump did a super cute job exposing a side of this country that no career politician ever could.

All I know is, I can use less than 10 of my fingers to count how many rounds of golf I’ve played. Half of them, I walked. And I live in Arizona. Sad. Wrong.

Life is real tough for white guys in America…at least the gay ones.

If he did anything well, it was that. Whether or not it was an accident, is as important to me as I am to Kiewit Construction. For those keeping score - that's a big, fat ZERO.

Get it yet?

“Empty ships are easy seize, but that boat didn’t break in half. That bitch capsized!”

Democrats, however, have trouble appealing to and retaining feverous support because they are just as fucked up fought a war to keep slaves slaving away.

Plus, they have no alternative. They rarely turn red, and inter-party character assassination is as off putting as fecal toothpaste, which is just a small step above Aim.

The democrats had 2 candidates and the momentum of a 26 mile freefall. By the time they smashed into the firmament, both parachutes had been ripped off their backs, and both shirts torn.

Bound and broken on the floor!

This Incessant Circus of Low Interest Incest

Here we go kids, another chance to vote in a fucked up election to thwart Americans into awkward conversations. I don’t know how shitty people actually are. I haven’t met shitty people in a long time.

What a weird awakening. It’s about God damn time.

Don’t take your freedom for granted.

For real, this is who we are? I didn't think so.
Although, I will say, there are a lot of twisted braindead zombies with a logic allergy. They're easier to program than things that don't require programming.

Are you part of the scra…are you part of the scra…are you part of the scrat…are you part of the scratched record?

If you are, you're still caught up on the first part of that sentence. So, if you're reading this, that's great news.

Once upon many years ago, our government fucked up, bigly – just like they misspelled BIG LIE. I take this election as seriously as I was taken four years ago.

But I still voted.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a choice to choose how you believe you want your life governed, make it. Or fuck off. Seriously.

Will you emerge from the busted big tent stronger than ever?

Are you realigned to build a better world for yourself and the lucky lives you touch? That is, if you’re not completely broken by the time Phoenix rises.

I’m not sure how many times my cell fish personality has split, but I’m guessing I have about 88 of them. No less than four speak over one another as they fight to organize my thoughts.

It’s like my brain is against me, but my brain is protecting me. I didn’t realize that before I was both told and felt I was crazy. This was not easy.

Devilish Smirk will be back after a shameless M4M personal ad by a company that does not sponsor me, so I sponsored myself.

The Truth is Classified

Honestly, I have no idea if it is or isn’t. It hasn’t been revealed to me by anyone other than me. And, as far as I know, I’m not on any professional sports team. Fuck, I can’t even run a mile at the moment.


Technology existed before any of us. How? That’s classified.

Actually, I don’t know and it doesn’t matter. I’m not here to convince anyone of anything. I failed at that my entire life, why give a fuck now? I don’t.

I’m 44 and been to two countries in Europe once, for 10 days, in 1999. I’m an ignorant American, and I can’t wait to see the world.

Whatever version of hell you’ve created for yourself only gets worse if you haven’t seen the worst yet. It’s not always clear when it happens, but when it happens, it’s very clear.

There was no question when I died felt like I died. That’s what fueled my spirit to make the best of the darkest years of my life.

Do yourself a favor and don’t try tricking your mind.

You’ll know when you hit rock bottom. At rock bottom, people are the biggest distraction. People don’t care about you there.

Feel free to climb them as high as they’re piled. That should get you going in the right direction.

We have a lot to learn about relating to one another. Every single one of us has a story to share. Often times, the stories we don’t understand are the ones that help us grow the most.

It starts with you.

Each of us have our shit and that should be clear by now. I’m going to go back to minding my own business until I climb out of this International Disaster. It was far from beautiful, but my charcoal heart just turned to diamond.

Let’s see what happens next.

This was the reason America was “discovered” in a land, far, far away.

The World is Watching. I hope they’re not bored. Someone come get me. Bring Tequila.



Government Endgame

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