What Makes Cats so Great?


CatsWhataretheyGoodforA while ago, I was talking to a friend who, along with his wife, own four cats and a dog.

Hanging out one night we had the age old debate – owning cats versus dogs.

I asked what the hell cats were even good for?

He replied, “Good question.” That was his answer, not hers. He has severe cat allergies so that’s how much he loves her.

Despite having four cats, their dog runs the house and reaps many benefits the felines don’t. When they come over, the dog is usually with them. He eats better than most humans, and has traveled more by plane than some people do in a lifetime.

The cats? They just chill. They hide when they want. They are seen when they want. They are absent, yet there. They eat. I’ve seen them all, but I couldn’t tell you what colors they are or which is which.

Maybe that says more about me than the cats, but they are so stand-offish. Plus, they’ve never come over.

Those are neutral things about cats, but I wanted to know what about cats really make them great.

Then, I realized a very important thing about dogs that I never really hear about cats.

Exhibit A
Exhibit A

Dog owners make major concessions for the surprises we walk into due to the naughty behavior of our canine friends.

Mine have peed on strangers laying down in parks. They’ve peed in my bed. They snoop and counter surf when I’m not home. They’ve destroyed more garbage cans than I can count, along with clothes, shoes, bedding, glasses, dishes, pillows, and furniture for example. After all this, you better believe I’ll get another dog in this lifetime. That’s how great they are.

Exhibit B
Exhibit B

Back to the question, “What are cats good for?” It’s simple. Cats are great for what they don’t do. I’m sure there are other redeeming qualities that make up for cats shitting inside, but case and point in Exhibits A and B.

If I weren’t so incredibly allergic to them, I like to think I would love cats. From the outside, they seem pretty easy.

If you told me that, in reality, cats rule the roost when owners go away and stand guard while dogs lay quietly, not destroying anything, I might challenge my allergy next time I get a puppy.




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