Beyond the Cliff


How do you get beyond the cliff?


Whatever happened to that iguana on St. John? I think about that iguana a lot. In case you missed the original, Have You Ever Felt Like a Baby Iguana?

Originally posted September 1, 2017. Hurricane Irma directly hit St. John on September 6, 2017. Irma was deemed a Cat5 hurricane only because Cat6 didn't (and still doesn't) exist.

Last we heard about the iguana, he’d taken a leap off the ledge of a villa’s porch on St. John.

Have You Ever Felt Like a Baby Iguana? Pt. 2

I only know what’s happened to me since I left the island.

Did the iguana survive Hurricane Irma?

I can't imagine he didn't. 

Granted, it was only a month and a half after the encounter that Hurricane Irma annihilated St. John. But, if anything would survive a direct hit along a hurricane’s path, it would be an iguana.

This is the stuff of Survivor!

That’s the stuff iguanas evolve to withstand.

I spent 21 more days on St. John. On my feet.

I returned to Arizona mid-August of 2017. I felt my time on the island was up. My soul was rejuvenated and I was ready to get home and write. I left in the nick of time.

I didn't understand until later exactly how just in time my departure was.

The Premonition

A few weeks before the iguana encounter, the island of St. John was in full swing Independence Day celebration. It was, in some ways an end of season shebang. The locals were excited as the vacation destination’s vacation was looming.

The picture below – of the jeep – was taken by me on July 4, 2017 on St. John at the island’s Independence Day parade.

I was living on St. John during the most memorable and impactful summer of my life.

What happened next rocked the worlds of everyone I’d just met.

Sometime after the unreported international border and customs scandal between the US and British Virgin islands, a succession of storms were brewing, literally. Secrets, secrets...

Along Came Irma

Now this? Life finally caught up with reality.

One of a host of Harbingers as of recent history.

Circle Back to Something Great

Two years ago today, I’d yet to embark on my trip to St. John. It seems appropriate to write a follow up to the original iguana story.

It’s been, after all, nearly two years since he took a leap off the proverbial cliff.

Reading the words I write is a bit like eavesdropping on the conversations I have with my imaginary friends. Except, here I am, handing you the recordings. Optimism. It's cute, isn't it?

A Part of My Soul Stayed on St. John

St. John changed my outlook on life. The people there, that summer restored my faith in humanity. I never felt more home away from home.

Ghosts and spirits are ever present on St. John. I met a lot of people there. Shadows play a funky role in your imagination.

I chose to roll with it.

The shadows played tricks on my eyes, so I had no choice but to see.

Iguana Piece of Me

I caught glimpses of them in the corners of my eyes.

You’re out there somewhere, lurking in the shadows. Don’t stay in those.

I don’t think the iguana from the first story even realizes who he is. All I know for sure is it was a bright, brilliant green and very young.

For the friends I met, three weeks later, St. John was in a much different place. Much like the iguana among them, they landed on their feet, stood still for a minute, and analyzed the situation. They persevered.

St. John survived.

The love for that island proved gravitational. The locals rose to the call of their one love, Love City.

They taught me about getting to the top the right way.

The Write Way to the Top

They taught me what it meant to follow your dreams. I learned what taking risks was all about. It becomes fun when you begin to question everything.

Then it snowballs. Writing is easy when you’ve got nothing to prove.

However, much like Irma, there are powers well at work way above anyone's ability to control, much less sense.

Hunker Down and Pray for Daylight

Listen up, folks. There are too many hypocrisies laying around to count. It’s time to see it for what it is, it’s hypocrisy. It’s never ok.

How long before we realize that’s what this is all about?

Astounding and Too Convenient

Our sitting president has been on record disrespecting women left and right, but Joe Biden gets a pass for pleading ignorant? What Pelosi? No Pelosi.

What Pelosi should have said is "nobody from the past should be elected, and we need to hold leaders to a higher standard. Otherwise we're doomed to repeat history, which would be great because I'm getting paid to do this."

And we act surprised when the past repeats itself. We quickly forget that Biden was part of the administration that led to Trump. Way to hit that Trump reset button for 2024.

Has anyone announced for 2028 yet? Talk about prime political real estate.

Washington stalwarts. They’re like fucking barnacles. Old, crusty barnacles.

Not So Green Anymore

Do I miss any past president? No.

Every last one of them has to do with the paved road that led to Trump. All while trying to pave it for Hillary. Whoops, backfired.

What happened, Obama?

We can’t change our old ways with the old players on the field. Want election reform? How about this? Reform the politicians.

Any official in an elected office before Trump was elected President of the United States, should never run for political office again.

If you currently hold office and have held an elected position in Washington D.C. longer than Trump, you’re the problem.


That goes for both sides.

You’ve always been and will always be a problem. You’re (at least part of) the reason why we’re in the mess we’re in.

You’re part of the machine that made Trump possible. Then he won.

Yes, good people can be problems too. They only worsen once their intent far surpasses their ability to deliver, and their story only becomes more painful.

A true public servant offers themselves up for the people without collecting a tax payer funded salary.

An honest public servant can take a step back and realize they hit the iceberg years ago.

I can buy rose colored glasses. Empty words add no color.

The question is, can you solve the problem you’re in before it’s too late?

If you want change, then change.

Take Us To Your Leader

Wait, screw the leaders. Take me to your people. Let’s be real for a second. We are so much more than our leaders.

We are the ones our leaders strive to be.

I Woke Up


What? It was only April Fools Day yesterday. Late, as usual.
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