America’s Spectrum of Acceptance and Perpetual Outrage


What Would the Rainbow Do?

A rainbow adds and brightens the beauty of any landscape, and they’re inspiring to see. Under perfect conditions, rainbows emerge.

Rainbows are an especially welcome sight toward the end of a dark storm.

Never underestimate your impact on anyone. Words matter more than ever, and they travel at the speed of thought. We communicate in ways you haven’t imagined. 

It’s About to get Colorful!

Rainbow! Rainbow!
All the way!
Shot from your butt,

This isn’t about
what’s true,
false, fact or

It’s about patterns,
ideas, experience and


There Comes a Time to Challenge Your Comfort Zone

Memories are all I can make as long as this heart beats. I will continue making mine and hopefully live another day to tell another story.

Photo Credit: William Garrod

The United States of Anguish

My name is Travis. I was made the American way, born & brewed in the USA, and I live in a bubble. I don’t remember anything before I was born. What’s real to me, are stories to you, and you live in a bubble too.

We are now free to move about the bubbles.

I’m not here to take on more problems; I’m here to eliminate them. Or at least stifle the ones I can – problems that exist.

Problems in our country outweigh any incidental annoyance in my life. That’s not to say I don’t care about myself.

Quite the opposite, in fact. I finally do. That’s how I am able to care about others.

Yes; the hazing was destined to go haywire. It wouldn’t work if it didn’t.

Do you want the wart, the whole wart, and nothing but the wart?

You’re just sperm in a larger lifeform. You located a target, found a crack, grew roots, and that’s basically what warts do. Now, we’re here.

From the darkest dark to the brightest bright, life is a journey of souls.

lowercase life 101

I’ve resolved myself to being the American I was raised to be, in a country I believe exists. I haven’t seen that country in a long time.

Look who’s learning now!

We have a cleanup on Planet3; the dog pooped inside and shit on the bed again.

Lucky for me, I had time on my hands at the right time in life, although, most of the time, I didn’t know it.

We drown ourselves in distortions, memories, perceptions, bullshit and hypocrisy, and rarely take stock of where, why, how, if or when anything fits.

Nothing like a puzzle with too many pieces.

I’ve assembled a puzzle where spare pieces belong. I don’t usually blow my own mind but, when I do, I mind my own business.

If things weren't the way they were, they wouldn't be the way things are.
Travis Garrod, Devilish Smirk

My mind is filled with moments marked with memories, triggered by sense, and connected to my reality.

I had to face two simple and plain truths: I don’t know jack, and anything I’ve ever thought possible, actually is possible.

Now that anything’s possible, you’re not going to like everything. 

This is a puzzle without borders.

I’m Done Making Excuses for my Government

The United States’ hypocrisy is astounding, on all fronts. If you don’t see it by now, you’re the problem.

Friend or foe – the messages we beat into one another is simple: You suck, you’re dumb, we’re all fucked anyway. Let’s all fuck each other, but in a “life” sort of way.

Since when is life a real game of Monopoly? Since forever, fool!

I’ve lapped this board 44 times, but only ever lived in three states. I have a house in one and I’ve only been to jail once.

The “banker” is bankrupt; his vaults stacked with cash. As far as I’m concerned, he can go fuck himself. The problem with the banker is, the Government’s above him!

And then, there’s bad news for the Government. Unlike Monopoly, the U.S. Dollar claims, “In God We Trust”.

Some choices cannot be ripped from your arms, and you’re not leaving yours in a manger.

Since you cannot see my knee on the ground, I’d like to extend all three branches of our government a heartfelt fuck you.

Hand Model: Travis Garrod
Location: The Bank at Bellagio Las Vegas, September 2011

I’m Done Making Excuses for Americans Too

Beaten silent and buried in shame, we’re all living the fresh American hell experience. I pity the fool not paying attention.

The United States’ hypocrisy is astounding, on all fronts. It’s been this way for lifetimes. If you don’t see it by now, you’re the problem.

Sorry folks, this is a pass/fail, and I’m not an idiot.

If you believe a life priority is making other lives difficult that will never affect you in any way, shape, or form, it’s because you’re fucked in the head.

You hate others because you hate yourself.

That’s dipshit logic, and I’m tickled pink.

Enjoy cluster-bunching, labeling, and judging the decorative billboards you’ve inspired along the highway to hell.

You’re responsible for this story and you don’t even know it.

Your biggest blessing right now is that everyone you hate, collectively caring about humanity and, somehow, you still qualify.

Life is the ultimate gift from God.

What train did you think you were on? The one at the end of the first Speed? Amtrak? 15:17 to Paris?

Go above the rails before flying off of them.

Now, go out there and be a fuckin’ Rainbow!

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